We consider you our business partner. We offer you a convenient Company Store solution for your multiple locations throughout the world. In order to ensure that we provide you with consistent, reliable and dependable results every time embroideryco.com enforces strict compliance to marketing and use guidelines for corporate identities and logos.

Ultimately, your Company Store will allow you to measure and manage your valuable marketing products and human resource uniform dollars more efficiently and effectively because embroideryco.com:
  • Offers proprietary and convenient Company Store solutions to our major Clients
  • Works with you to determine which products are appropriate to stock and make available in your Company Store
  • Stocks your store with your hand selected products & after orders are placed works with you to identify logos and colors to be embellished on your products to ensure you get exactly what you want
  • Helps to add or remove products from your store at any time
  • Processes orders daily or we can aggregate branch orders together on a periodic basis (but not longer than one week)
  • Protects your security with user names and passwords of authorized users in order to maintain security and control of who is authorized to place orders
  • Provides management of your company access to detailed order reports by branch
  • Controls the types and consistency of products made available to each of your branches and their respective employees, as well as the amount of products ordered by each branch
  • Helps you measure and manage your marketing and employee resource dollars effectively

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