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Q:  Can I order promotional products and screening-printed products from embroideryco.com?
A:  Yes.  We’re a full-service provider of embroidered and screen-printed apparel as well as promotional products and advertising specialties.

Q:  What if I need help in deciding what options would work best with my marketing budget?
A:  Our sales consultants will work with you to find the appropriate product and pricing options, saving you valuable time and allowing you to be more productive.

Q:  Can I select different thread colors for different colored garments?
A:  Yes.  In fact, one of our specialties is selecting and recommending thread colors that best compliment your apparel.

Q:  What is the typical turn-around time once I place an order?
A:  For embroidered & screen-printed products as well as promotional product orders, typical turn-around times are 10 to 15 days, subject to product availability.  Of course, if you need a faster turn-around time due to an unforeseen deadline or extraordinary event, we will do everything in our power to make sure this happens. 

Q:  Do you have minimum order quantities?
A:  Yes.  For embroidered shirts and other “flats” the minimum is 24 pieces.  However, you may combine styles, sizes and colors in order to meet the minimum.  For embroidered headwear, the minimum is 36 pieces.  For screen-printed apparel, the minimum is 48 pieces.  Promotional products minimums will vary, depending upon the item(s) selected.

Q:  If I have an item that needs to be embroidered can I have you embroider it for me?
A:  It depends.  If you are an existing Client and you have something that we cannot otherwise obtain for you, we will certainly work with you.  On the other hand, because we guarantee our embroidery work and our products and bear the risk if garments are damaged during the embroidery process, we cannot guarantee products supplied by Clients and therefore, for this reason, do not generally perform contract embroidery services.    

Q:  What does “vectoring of artwork” mean?
A:  We take your artwork and create a scalable version so it will be consistently clean, clear and crisp in appearance, whether imprinted on a writing pen or a bill board.  Although we can use some jpg images to digitize logos for embroidery, vectored artwork is necessary for proper registration for screen-printing apparel and imprinting promotional products.  Separate charges may apply to vector your artwork.

Q:  How do I upload or send my existing artwork to you?
A:  Email your artwork files to art@embroideryco.com.

Q:  What does it mean to “digitize” my logo?
A:  Special computer software, along with an experienced embroidery design person, turns your vectored artwork into a stitch file making it ready to sew out on the embroidery machines. Separate charges may apply to digitize your logo(s). 

Q:  What is a “set-up” charge?
A: Imprinting of artwork onto materials requires the artwork to be “burned” onto screens so ink can pass through the screen onto the material surface.  Typically, although not in all cases, each color of a design will require a different screen and additional cost.

Q:  What about pricing?
A:  You will find pricing for the promotional products and ad specialties in our supplier catalogues.  Pricing for these products is subject to, among other things, quantities ordered and set-up charges.  Pricing for embroidered and screen-printed products depends on a variety of variables including order quantities, number of colors/ink changes, stitch counts, number of placements on garments (left chest, right chest, sleeves, cap front/side/back, etc…), apparel type and selection, etc.  For this reason, embroidery and screen-printed apparel is subject to separate quote.  

Q:  My business or event does not have an identity or a logo.  Can you design one for me?
A:  Of course.  Our management team and group of graphics designers can collaborate with your team to create an identity package.

Q:  Are logos really necessary?  I just want the name of my company and employees.
A:  We will embroider, screen-print or imprint most anything you want, the way you want it, on just about anything.

Q:  Can you help me with organizing and distributing uniforms to our employees?
A:  We understand that one of the biggest time consumers for you is to do what others should do in the first place.  What separates us is that we fold, guarantee tag, poly-bag and package your employee uniforms by each employee.  We write the name of the employee on the outside of his/her bag.  When you receive your materials all you have to do is open the boxes and hand the bags to your employees.

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